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Winner: The Sifaka

It’s unclear whether the sifaka knows that he’s not actually on a stage and that no one is actually watching him. But his thirst to perform is unquenchable.

Winner: The Colobus

On any given day, at any given moment, whatever you’re doing, somewhere out there the colobus is in total despair. We hoped winning this award might cheer him up, but it only made him more crestfallen.

Winner: The Mandrill

The Mandrill thinks he looks like this:

And why would he assume otherwise? Those are normal monkey colors, and as far as he knows, he’s a normal monkey.

But he actually looks like a clown:

No one has had the guts to say something to him yet, which is probably for the best.

Winner: The Japanese Macaque

Every time I see these guys, they’re in the fucking hot tub. Not sure how they pulled this off, but they’ve really got it all worked out.

Winner: The Bonobo

Bonobos are very close to being dumb humans. Look at this dude roasting marshmallows like it’s no big deal.

Check out the pictures below. Pretty normal monkey, right?


Now check out the uakari. Before you scroll down, try to picture what a normal head might look like.

Whatever you pictured, I guarantee it was not a tiny red human fetus head:

Disturbing, right? It literally looks like a sixth grader photoshopped a goblin head on top of a monkey photo for a Halloween card.

The baby orangutan stunned everyone by taking home the award this year, especially the nike air max 90 hyperfuse premium pink blau weiß zorbau
, who was unavailable for comment.

That’s not really a face you ever expect to see on a non-human, and it makes the patas monkey the last primate you want anywhere near your daughter. We’d all prefer not to know what goes on in the dark corners of the patas monkey’s mind.

You’d think by now the indri would have gotten used to the way things are, but he’s still appalled by everything.

Narrowly edging out the red-faced spider monkey for the victory, the cotton-top tamarin is a Beethoven-level musical genius, but no one has noticed.

Christ, alpha male orangutan, get ahold of yourself. This is what happens when evolution is left completely unregulated. For male orangutans, the bigger the face, the better chance of getting laid—and now the male orangutan population has out-faced each other into total absurdity.

U.S. album sales declined in 2017 as streaming continues to grow, according to Nielsen’s year-end music report released this week. The report found that album sales, including both digital and physical, fell 17.7 percent last year to 169.15 million copies, down from 205.5 million in 2016. Meanwhile, streaming once again soared, leading the overall music industry to growth, largely due to the significant 58.7 percent increase in on-demand audio streams over last year.

In total, on-demand audio streams surpassed 400 billion streams in 2017, compared to 252 billion in 2016, and overall on-demand streams, including video, exceeded 618 billion. This led to the music industry’s growth of 12.5 percent in total volume, over 2016.

On-demand audio streaming now accounts for 54 percent of total audio consumption, Nielsen also said, up from 38 percent of the total in 2016 and 22 percent in 2015.

Notably, that makes 2017 the first time on-demand audio has accounted for the majority of audio consumption*.

On-demand audio streaming has also now passed all other ownership formats, including physical and digital album sales and other digital track equivalents, for the first time in history in 2017.

The growth in on-demand streaming even contributed to a 20.5 percent rise in total digital volume in 2017, even while digital album and track purchases were down. With video and audio combined, on-demand streaming grew 43 percent this past year.

Not as surprising, Nielsen found that audio streaming is more popular on weekdays, while video streaming is tops on weekends.

Streaming’s growth is shaping the music market in other ways, too.

For example, RB/Hip-Hop’s popularity with streaming consumers – like those on air jordan xi ie low black red
Spotify, where RapCaviar has become the most influential playlist in music – has now passed Rock as the largest genre in terms of total consumption.

RB/Hip-Hop artists again led total volume this year, scoring 8 out of the top 10 spots for highest volume artists. Drake led with 4.8 million total track equivalents, followed by Kendrick Lamar (3.7M).

Ed Sheeran (3.6M) and Taylor Swift (3.4M), from the Pop genre, came in at number 3 and number 4 respectively, said Nielsen.

Streaming’s growth contributed individual tracks reaching notable milestones, too. For example, in 2017 there were 19 songs that reached 500 million in on-demand streams, compared with only 6 in 2016. (And 17 of those 19 tracks were from the RB/Hip-Hop genre).

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Acting Deputy Commissioner announces wall projects in El Centro, San Diego, Santa Teresa, Rio Grande Valley

Construction of the border wall is underway, as several projects begin to take shape along the Southwest border. One project will begin within days, according to Ronald Vitiello, U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s acting deputy commissioner.

“We’re on track to replace 20 miles of primary vehicle barrier in Santa Teresa, New Mexico,” he told reporters during a Friday afternoon news conference in Washington, D.C. “Ground breaking is scheduled for early April.”

The projects span the Southwest border from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley Sector in Texas.

In San Diego, 14 miles of outdated steel plate barrier will be replaced with a bollard structure—hollow steel beams filled with concrete and steel rods. The bollard design provides agents with needed visibility into Mexico while improving protection.

At least two miles of the border barrier in Calexico, California, is already being replaced with 30-foot bollard wall along with four miles of bollard wall in El Paso. Closing gaps along the border in the Rio Grande Valley Sector is also part of the border wall project.

“We’re building 35 new gates along a stretch of 55 miles of existing border wall.” Vitiello said. Construction is tentatively scheduled to start in October 2018.

Along those areas, the barrier is further away from the Mexican border. The gates close gaps in the wall while permitting the U.S. Border Patrol, emergency vehicles and landowners with property on the southern side of the barrier access through an automatic gate.

The Rio Grande Valley Sector will also benefit from 25 miles of new levee wall along the Rio Grande River and eight miles of bollard wall in Starr County, Texas. When fully funded, about 1,000 of almost 2,000 of the U.S. border with Mexico will have border wall and other critical infrastructure.



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