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April 19th, 2018 Imani Winds

April 19th, 2018 Imani Winds

The Imani Winds is Chamber Music Northwest’s Artists-in-Residence for the 2017-18 Season and they make a special appearance on Thursdays @ Three! Extolled by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “what triumph sounds like”, Imani Winds has established itself as one of the most successful chamber music ensembles in the United States. Since 1997, the Grammy-nominated quintet has taken a unique path, carving out a distinct presence in the classical music world with its dynamic playing, culturally poignant programming, adventurous collaborations, and inspirational outreach programs. With two member composers and a deep commitment to commissioning new work, the group is enriching the traditional wind quintet repertoire while meaningfully bridging European, American, African and Latin American traditions.

April 26th, 2018 Portland Opera – Rigoletto

April 26th, 2018 Portland Opera – Rigoletto

Powerhouse American baritone Stephen Powell returns to Portland Opera as Rigoletto—the court jester who amuses a philandering and immoral Duke. A clown in public, but a doting and protective father to his beloved Gilda in private, Rigoletto’s life will change forever when his mockery goes too far, and results in a fateful curse. Join Portland Opera for a Thursdays @ Three preview of their upcoming performances which take place May 4 – 12.

Visit the Past Performances page for archived playlists

Thursdays @ Three Host Christa Wessel

I love exploring Oregon’s nooks and crannies. Since arriving here in 2007, I’ve fallen particularly hard for the Owyhee desert in the far reaches of Southeast Oregon, the rolling high hills surrounding the Deschutes River, and the magically blue waters of Crater Lake. I love camping and hiking but haven’t yet become the toughened sort of Portlander who trudges out in the rainy season… so instead I spend the winter months sheltered inside our area’s concert halls soaking up local culture.

I had once hoped to be a professional French horn player – I attended Northwestern University with that aspiration, but after I realized how much practicing would be involved I ended up graduating with a degree in Arts Administration instead! I still tootle, though… I play 4th horn for the Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra ( air jordan retro 6 infrared fake

CloudFlare now has a consumer DNS service that is very fast and also centered around privacy. CloudFlare DNS says they won’t log IP addresses or sell your data, which in the modern era is perhaps more important than ever for users who value the vague concept of internet privacy.

This article will show you how to setup and use CloudFlare DNS on a Mac.

For some quick background, DNS is what links an IP address to an easy to read domain name, and it’s sort of like an internet directory service. The faster the DNS requests are, the faster your general internet performance will be because there is less time spent performing lookups to associate an IP address to a domain name. No, it won’t increase the actual transfer speeds, but using faster DNS may increase the response time of accessing various internet services and websites. But as mentioned above, it’s not just speed that makes Cloudflare DNS enticing, it’s the privacy-centric nature of the service, if you’re interested in learning more you can read more here from Cloudflare .

If you’re already familiar with changing DNS servers on Mac OS then this process should be familiar to you, the main difference then is the addition of the Cloudflare DNS IP of and Here are the full steps:

When you apply the network setting changes your internet connection will likely temporarily disconnect and reconnect again.

You should not need to quit and relaunch any networking apps for the change to take effect, but to be thorough you may want to anyway. Or you can reboot your computer.

Likewise it shouldn’t be necessary to flush DNS caches but you’re welcome to clear DNS cache anyway, you can learn how to reset DNS cache in MacOS High Sierra , Sierra , El Capitan, and other Mac OS X versions if need be.

If you have multiple Macs and decide you want to use CloudFlare DNS on all of them, you’ll want to repeat the same DNS configuring setup process on each of them, and you could also air jordan 5 purple grape
if you want to set those to use the service as well.

This is a great question, since every user and every ISP will likely have different performance for different DNS providers. Fortunately there are multiple ways to check DNS performance:

If you want to run a DNS comparison speed test yourself from your own Mac, and you’re savvy with the command line, you can save this bash script as (via cleanbrowsing ) to your local directory, and then run the following command:

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is best known for his painting The Scream (1893-1910), one of the most recognizable paintings in the history of art. From the beginning of his career right through into his seventies, Munch unwaveringly took as the subject of his paintings the emotional and psychological state of his painted figures, using bright, clashing colors and abstract patterns to create chaotic and tumultuous feelings – everything that Hitler hated in art. 82 of his works were labelled degenerate and removed from museums.

Following World War One, as Expressionism was officially recognized in Germany, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff had artistic honors bestowed upon him for his contributions to the movement. However, these were removed with the rise of the Nazis; Schmidt-Rottluff was dismissed from the nike air force 1 1982 ebay philippines
in 1933, only two years after his admission, and had 608 of his pieces seized as Degenerate Art. From 1941, he was forbidden to paint. Along with Erich Heckel and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Schmidt-Rottluff was also a founding member of Die Brücke.

Like Emil Nolde, Max Beckmann was another Degenerate Artist who greatly admired Van Gogh – an admiration that became apparent particularly in his later years. Following his experiences as a medical orderly in World War One, his painting style significantly transformed, from academically correct depictions to hugely distorted figures and objects, introducing into his work the kind of radical Modernism that Hitler was so intent on suppressing. Beckmann went from enjoying huge success and honors, such as the Honorary Empire Prize for German Art in the mid 1920s, to living in self-imposed exile in Amsterdam for ten years after the rise of the Nazis and the introduction of the Degenerate Art movement. More than 500 of his works were seized by the Nazis from German museums.

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was considered one of the most liberal artists of the Expressionist movement; he took as his main subject matter the unity between humans and nature and consequently is well-known for his paintings of nude and gypsy women. Despite having passed away before the Degenerate Art movement was even a notion, it is perhaps no surprise that the Nazis seized 350 of his paintings from German museums in 1937.

Max Liebermann was a highly celebrated German artist prior to the rise of the Nazi party. At the turn of the 20 th Century, he was considered a leader for the artistic community, strongly and publicly advocating the necessity for the separation of art and politics. On his 50 th birthday, he was honored with a solo exhibition at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin. Unfortunately for Liebermann, he was a Jew, and he made no secret of this in his Semitic subject matter within his artwork. In 1933, he resigned from his presidential post at the Prussian Academy of Arts after they decided to no longer display work by Jewish artists. On the event of his death in 1935, there was no media coverage on him whatsoever, and no representatives of the Academy present at his funeral.

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